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Musical Taste




LUNZEN means peaceful meditation or harmony and happiness and embodies the very essence of many of the faces depicted in his paintings.

In fact, his paintings are meditations on harmony - visually, musically, spiritually, and interpersonal. His graceful, opulently-colored works - while modern - reflect his Oriental heritage in their lush color palette and serenely centered images.

Born in Malaysia in 1965, LUNZEN began painting at the age of eight. He is primarlily self-taught, having sold his first painting in Malaysia at the age of thirteen. That auspicious beginning encouraged such a passion for painting that he continues to paint every day. LUNZEN's artworks were greatly influenced by the Eastern Centuries Masters: Xu, Bei-Hong and Chang, Ta-Chien; Western Centuries Masters: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Modigliani and Marc Chagall.

Remarks like; "Why can't you get a decent job?" And, "You'll be poor and nobody will marry you" rang in LUNZEN'S ears when he made his way to Canada to pursue his dreams in 1983. Not content to rely solely on his intuition, he studied Fine Art at Hong Kong Academy of Art, Great Lakes College of Toronto, Canada, Kansas University and the San Francisco Academy of Art in the USA. Art lovers around the world are celebrating his increasing stature as a major multi-media artist.

In 1983, before leaving for Canada, LUNZEN took first place in the Malaysia National Arts Competition. In 1988, he won both first and second place at the Emerald City Classic in Kansas. Since then, he has received numerous other national and international awards. LUNZEN's artworks are in the permanent collections of internaitonal museums, galleries, and corporations. He has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, and has been published extensively in art periodicals.

In 1988 LUNZEN discovered and recognized his own unique style, Lyrical Contemporary, using the stylistic and thematic breakthroughs of various vanguard movements to create a new style of contemporary classicism. The world of art has accepted and encouraged LUNZEN's rainbow world of neo-cubist abstracts, the delicate fusion of East and West.

The youngest in a family of 13, LUNZEN is the only creative one in a family of hard-core businessmen and women. Yet, he has never envied them, for as he says, "I may be poor (to them), but I am rich in art. I am not a multi-millionare, I just have multi-million paintings."

LUNZEN paints to music, and asserts: "Music is often a catalyst in unlocking my emotions and allowing my imagination a certain freedom." The viewer can appreciate LUNZEN'S imaginings on several levels. There is his fearless, Matisse-like use of color; bright, bold, and compelling. There are the flowing, curving lines; disciplined, yet senuous. There are the tranquil faces, some with closed eyes looking inward, some gazing directly, yet innocently, at the viewer. Interesting, too, is the recurring motif of strong, directional light cast on the faces, such that half of the face is featureless, save for the corner of the mouth. It is as if LUNZEN is leading the viewer ever deeper into his soul.

LUNZEN's art is never ponderous, however. It is delightfully witty. Bright red lips on the palest of faces kiss the viewer's eyes. Having playfully gotten the view's attention, LUNZEN draws them through swirling, luscious arcs of delicious color. His goal, he says, is " give the viewer a feeling of harmony and happiness. People are looking for a peaceful life. We know life is short, and through my imagination, I feel and express what I have in my mind." So, since life is short, and often harried, what a treat it is to have bright, red lips entice us into the calm, pleasure-filled, and always surprising world of LUNZEN's imagination!

In 1995, Galerie Adrienne, Inc., of San Francisco, CA, hosted LUNZEN's 30th Birthday Exhibition. At that crowded event 14 original mixed-media paintings were acquired by eager art collector's. Then in 1996, LUNZEN and Adrienne Editions joined forces to publish and exhibit limited edition serigraphs of many of his original mixed-media paintings. They exhibited in Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles together with much success. The award-winning Kolibri Studio in Torrance, CA, was used to create the fine art serigraphs, "Summer Songs" and "Love". Additionally, Adrienne Editions offers serigraphs entitled, "Dignity", "Musical Taste" and "Syrnai - The Creative Spirit".

LUNZEN has returned to his native Malaysia where he continues to pursue his life passion of painting and exhibitions. Adrienne Adler continues to maintain his US representation.

LUNZEN believes the artist can never lie as the canvas tells his truth. He believes that art is pure and is the only way to bring world peace.